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Fireplace Experts Dedicated to Your Comfort in Montreal

A Family Company

Poêles et Foyers Rosemont was founded 40 years ago by Normand Hamel and Lorraine Patenaude, two pioneers in the fireplace industry. Their son, Charles Hamel, joined the company 17 years ago, and is currently involved in expanding the store. Our small but growing family company also relies on our dedicated employees, who have acquired all of the technical expertise required to master the various aspects of heating with natural gas, propane and wood.

Lorraine Patenaude & Normand Hamel Foundation

The Lorraine Patenaude and Normand Hamel Foundation for Children helps children from underprivileged backgrounds by offering them artistic and cultural experiences. This foundation was created for children who need financial assistance in the context of arts, music, culture, etc.

Fondation Lorraine Patenaude et Normand Hamel.png

Normand Hamel is well known in the industry for his wise advice, and is often consulted by the media as an expert in the field:

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