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Poêles et Foyers Rosemont Services

fireplace in a modern red wall


Sales and installation


Inspection of fireplaces and chimneys

  • Pour achat et vente de maison

  • Après sinistre et incendie

Assembly and delivery

Sales of products and accessories

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Poêles et Foyers Rosemont only works with leading brands in order to provide you with exceptional service and durable products and accessories. All our models comply with EPA standards to ensure your complete satisfaction. 

Choose Poêles et Foyers Rosemont for our vast selection of products and excellent service. Come see our showroom!

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Home Visit 

After an initial consultation at our store, the team at Poêles et Foyers Rosemont will go to your home, free of charge and with no obligation on your part, to determine the feasibility of your project and ascertain any specific requirements before submitting a final cost estimate.

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Installation and Delivery

With our highly qualified and experienced professionals, state-of-the-art equipment and specially equipped vehicles, Poêles et Foyers Rosemont will provide you with fast and efficient service throughout Montreal and surrounding areas. Our priority is your complete satisfaction!


Once the work is completed, we will issue a certificate of compliance for your insurance company. In accordance with our licences from the Régie du bâtiment, we assume full responsibility for our work. Contact us for more information.

After-Sales Service

Poêles et Foyers Rosemont selects its manufacturers based on the support they offer and their commitment to after-sales service. Since we only want satisfied customers, we are always delighted to provide you with unparalleled after-sales service in the event of technical problems, or if you require additional information or advice.

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